The difference between centrifugal pump and vortex pump

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From the perspective of working principle, the centrifugal pump will fill the pump with liquid before working, and then start the centrifugal pump. The blades of the impeller drive the liquid to rotate, so the liquid flows to the outer edge of the impeller by inertia when it rotates, and the impeller flows from the suction chamber at the same time. Liquid is sucked in. Usually, in this process, the liquid in the impeller flows around the blades, and the liquid acts on the blades in the circumfluence movement.

  The working principle of the vortex pump is that when the impeller rotates, under the action of centrifugal force, the circumferential velocity of the liquid in the impeller is greater than the circumferential velocity of the liquid in the flow channel, so "circular flow" is formed. Since the liquid from the suction port to the discharge port follows the impeller, the combined result of these two movements causes the liquid to produce the same "longitudinal vortex" as the impeller turns. Hence the name of the vortex pump.

  Secondly, analyze the difference between purchasing centrifugal pumps and vortex pumps from the structural point of view.

  The structure of the centrifugal pump is mainly composed of flow parts including suction chamber, impeller and pressurized water chamber. The suction chamber is located in front of the water inlet of the impeller, and plays the role of guiding the liquid to the impeller; the pressurized water chamber mainly has three forms of spiral pressurized water chamber (volute type), guide vane and space guide vane; the impeller is the better of the pump. An important working element, the impeller consists of a cover plate and a middle blade.

    Some vortex pumps are also called vortex pumps, regenerative pumps and so on. Because it sucks people and discharges liquid by causing the liquid to produce vortex motion when the impeller rotates, it is called vortex pump and some vortex pumps are also called vortex pumps, regeneration pumps, etc. It is called a vortex pump because it sucks people and discharges the liquid by the action of the vortex motion of the liquid when the impeller rotates. At present, the flow rate of a general vortex pump is 0.2 ~ 27m3/h. The working principle of a general vortex pump. When the prime mover drives the impeller in the pump to rotate through the shaft, the liquid enters the flow channel from the suction port, and is thrown into the surrounding annular flow channel by the centrifugal force of the rotating impeller, causing the liquid to rotate in the flow channel. Because each liquid particle is subjected to centrifugal force, the liquid inside the impeller is greatly affected by the centrifugal force, while the liquid in the flow channel is less affected by the centrifugal force. Because the centrifugal force experienced by the two is different, the liquid is caused to move in a longitudinal vortex.

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