Common submersible pump

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①Submersible pumps for wells: including submersible pumps for water-filled wells, submersible pumps for oil-filled wells, submersible pumps for shielded wells, and submersible pumps for dry wells.

②Small submersible pumps: including river submersible pumps, such as QY type oil-filled submersible pumps, QS type water-filled submersible pumps, Q type dry submersible pumps, QN type dry built-in submersible pumps, etc. ; Engineering submersible electric pumps, such as QDX single-phase dry down pump submersible electric pump, QX three-phase dry down pump submersible electric pump, QXN three-phase down pump built-in submersible electric pump, etc.

③Sewage sewage submersible electric pumps: including sewage submersible electric pumps, sewage submersible electric pumps, and fiber sewage submersible electric pumps.

④Mining submersible electric pumps: including explosion-proof submersible electric pumps for mining and ordinary submersible electric pumps for mining.

⑤ Axial flow submersible electric pump.

⑥High-pressure submersible pumps: including high-pressure submersible pumps for mines and wells and high-voltage submersible pumps for general use.

⑦Submersible electric pumps for sea water and salt farms, etc.

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